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How much do you charge?

Price for the illustration or set of illustrations will depend on how much time I spend working on it. Obviously complex color illustration will cost more than simple black and white line drawing.

I will review all project details and I give you exact cost of your project before starting work.

What do I have to provide so you can start work on my project?

I need to know style/technique needed - do you need reaslistic 3D rendering or do you need black and white line illustration? It's always helpful if you can give me sample of illustration type you need. These samples don't have to be related to your project, I just need them to see style.

Please, show me any source materials you have - photographs (files or printed), sketches, other illustrations, video, actual product or prototype, CAD drawings. The more and better your source materials, the faster I create illustration and the less money it will cost you!

If you don't have any source materials, please give me detailed verbal or written explanation of the artwork you need.

How do I pay for the project?

I accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal or personal/company checks. Order exceeding $200 may require an authorization form, and copy of credit card and a valid photo I.D like driving license.

Depending on project estimate, I might request 50% of estimated project cost to be paid before I start working on the project or after I complete first few illustrations. Remaining 50% are due upon project completion before I release files.

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